Daniel Colon Jr

As far back as he can remember, Daniel has always loved to build things and create art. His first inspirations came from classic TV cartoons and weird tales from the TV series The Outer Limits. He loved building toys such as Lincoln Logs and Super City. Dinosaur play sets and Major Matt Mason were also in the mix. He had his first plastic model kit at age 6, and mostly built and painted Aurora kits of dinosaurs, super heroes and monsters into his teen years. He also loved to draw and read comics.

As a teen, Star Wars had a huge impact on him and sparked his interest in Visual Effects. He read up on filmmaking techniques and how the computer was used to control the camera. Around this time the video games industry was booming too, and the personal computer was born. It was a great time for learning.

Eventually, he began working in the video games industry. It was a perfect mix of art and technology. The process of creating within constraints and constantly learning new tools kept him busy and ready for new challenges. Most recently, he is creating content and experiences in virtual reality. So now with these tools in hand and a lifelong passion for creativity, he is ready to create new things and tell new stories.